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5 minutes of 2016

In collaboration with Crystal Hardin (and inspired by the 5 minute project) we’re documenting what we experience in the span of five minutes each month.

The first morning of 2016…or rather, afternoon (who else stayed up WAY too late watching movies?!). I made biscuits and jam the night before (and left the mess, too), so we had a little tea party in our jammies just because.

Flour-dusted bamboo cutting board with measuring cups for making biscuits. Tea time table scape with homemade biscuits and jam, on a pink floral table cloth. Home made biscuits in a blue bowl, with a fiestaware teapot in the background. Morning tea time with homemade biscuits and jam, on a floral table cloth. Little boy in a 2016 crown, sipping tea from a polka dot cup. Little boy taking a bite of jam-covered biscuit in 2016, with a paper crown. Boy in a handmade paper crown, with 2016 written in gold paint. Boy dipping a biscuit with jam into his teacup. Boy in a gold 2016 crown eating a jam-covered biscuit. Family breakfast time in pajamas, with boy wearing a 2016 paper crown. Boy in a 2016 paper crown looking at jam-covered biscuits. Boy with long hair wearing a gold 2016 paper crown. Boy with long hair wearing a paper crown and looking out the window. Little boy looking out the window, with long hair and a paper crown.

Now follow the adventure to see through Crystal’s eyes for five minutes at 6pm:
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