I was never any good at being normal,
but life's more interesting that way. 
Good to meet you.

For me, there’s almost nothing better than connection…

All the material things in the world couldn't make me happier than the connection between two humans being real with each other. I'm a strange mix of overly-logical and emotional. PNW born & raised, I'm living my best life with my husband, our son, and three furry companions in our cozy little home by the water. Near or far, new places and interesting faces make me happy. Self-proclaimed ambivert. Total INFP. Oh, and I use way too many emojis. 

I'm a big believer in the thought that we're all connected to one another. Obsessed with all things mystical since I was a toddler. Art and music are my comfort zone. I have reader's block on anything other than how-to-books because I love learning new things.

I've learned the value in seeing life as one big, exhilarating, risky adventure. It has many ups and downs, and sometimes feels too tricky to navigate with confidence; but through the bad or the challenging, you learn just how strong you are. And once the good comes back around, it feels better than ever, because every low point stretches your capacity for future high points. 

I met my best friend/husband 12 years ago, and in our first 3 years together, we had a baby, got married, and then he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Life is a mixed bag of good and bad and can drastically change at any moment. This experience has shown me that even in the bad, there is opportunity and growth. It's also a constant reminder of why documenting life as it happens can be so important.

These are the things that I find beautiful about life, so it's no wonder I'm drawn to weddings and the extreme emotional bonds they create. When two people decide to go for it and make this adventure the one that counts, that's the real stuff right there. I want to get to know you, what makes your heart flutter, and document that connection. I'll probably (definitely) even cry during your vows.  

kombucha it's my fizzy weakness
if you ever need to bribe me,
strawberry serenity will
do the trick.
yoga stretch, reach, breathe
plus, comfy yoga pants
are always a plus
truth seeking exploring the world,
connecting with others
& seeking truth in all things
if i'm not learning
something new,
i'm probably dead

what lights me up

making painting, drawing,
photography, music
for better or worse,
i'm a maker
family my husband & son
are the highlight of
my life
& i wouldn't have it
any other way
good movies thought-provoking,
cinematic, funny or quotable
i <3 huckabees,
the secret life of walter mitty,
the grand budapest hotel,
i love you man -
just to name a few faves
humanity we're beautiful
capable of amazing things
the good outweighs
the bad, always
tea, please irish breakfast, peppermint,
earl grey, rooibos;
you don't want to see
my tea cabinet
or maybe you do?
tea avalanche!
adventure time my family's favorite show
& mindset