Good to meet you

I live in Bremerton with my husband, son, our two dogs, and cat; I go gaga for snuggles with my family! I rarely turn down a good adventure. I consider myself an ambivert, because while I'm super introverted in a lot of ways, I have a knack for pushing myself to be outgoing, because I totally love people. I believe we're all connected to one another, and I think compassion is key to living a good life. Art and music are my wheelhouse. I have a hard time reading anything other than how-to-books because I'd always rather be learning something new. 

More than anything, I'm head-over-heels in love with this life. 

As a photographer, telling stories of love and connection makes my heart full. Inspiring others to find the beauty in their own lives is my mission. I truly believe that embracing each of our lives as a daring adventure is so much more fulfilling than forcing perfection upon ourselves; because personally, contrived and unreal moments aren't really flattering.

Feelings are golden, and when it comes to my photography style, I like to let emotions guide me.

If you connect with these words, we should most definitely chat. 

kombucha it's my fizzy weakness
if you ever need to bribe me,
strawberry serenity will
do the trick.
yoga stretch, reach, breathe
plus, comfy yoga pants
are always a plus
truth seeking exploring the world,
connecting with others
& seeking truth in all things
if i'm not learning
something new,
i'm probably dead

what lights me up

making painting, drawing,
photography, music
for better or worse,
i'm a maker
family my husband & son
are the highlight of
my life
& i wouldn't have it
any other way
good movies thought-provoking,
cinematic, funny or quotable
i <3 huckabees,
the secret life of walter mitty,
the grand budapest hotel,
i love you man -
just to name a few faves
humanity we're beautiful
capable of amazing things
the good outweighs
the bad, always
tea, please irish breakfast, peppermint,
earl grey, rooibos;
you don't want to see
my tea cabinet
or maybe you do?
tea avalanche!
adventure time my family's favorite show
& mindset